4 Different Types of Waxing For Your Hair Removal

In the recent years, waxing has become a common hair removal service offered at spas and salons.
Many women are using waxing to remove hair in their eyebrows, armpit or their intimate areas as a long-lasting hair removal method. But if you have not used waxing before, it can seem a daunting task for the first time.


If you are uncomfortable with your hair, then waxing is a great option compared to shaving. There are various types of waxing techniques that are applied by cosmetologists, and this makes it hard for customers to choose the perfect one. This article will provide information on the four types of waxing for your hair removal that readers want to know.

Four Different Types of Waxing Explained


Full Bikini Waxing
full bikini waxBikini waxing involves the removal of pubic hair using a special type of wax that sticks to the hair and pulls the hair out when the wax is removed from the skin. Full bikini waxing is a standard grooming method employed by many women around the world.


Apart from removing your pubic hair, it removes dead cells in your skin leading to smooth skin. Because full bikini removes the hair from the root, this leads to a smooth and even-toned skin. Full bikini waxing gives long-lasting results compared to shaving. After the waxing, your hair will grow back thinner and finer.
When your bikini waxing is done by a licensed professional, you are not likely to experience any skin irritation.



Bikini Line Waxing
Did you know that you can wax your bikini line at home? But you need to exfoliate and clean the area first, then find a good place where you can do the waxing. This method is used to remove hair that would not be taken off using the standard bikini method. It is a great method for those who want to keep their pubic hair neat. You can use an aloe Vera gel to soothe your skin while keeping ingrown hairs at bay.


Full Leg Waxing
Now that it is summer, it may get hot enough for skirts, shorts and even swimsuits; you may be thinking of the best waxing technique to employ.


After all, full leg waxing will help your hair grow thinner and may not grow back, that sounds sweet, isn’t it? Getting hair in your legs removed is expensive at the salon. While doing it on your own can be terrifying, but it can be done.


Brazilian Waxing
This is one of the popular hair removal salon treatments available on the market today. Brazilian hair removal is an ideal choice when it comes to bikini waxing and styling. If you want to go completely bare down there, then you are not alone, many women are removing their pubic hair nowadays.


While standard bikini procedures will leave some hair on your pubis, Brazilian wax will leave you completely bare. But there are some things that you can do before Brazilian wax that will make the process less painful as discussed below:


Trim your hair to almost quarter of an inch because if it is too long or too short, then it will be painful. Do not book your next Brazilian wax appointment a week before your periods because your pubic area will be too sensitive. Take a painkiller an hour before your appointment to reduce the pain experienced during the waxing process. Most women prefer Brazillian waxing because of its convenience, sexiness and cleanliness.



Waxing is a great method of removing unwanted hair in small and large areas. It removes the entire hair shaft from the surface of the skin. There are various waxing techniques that are applied when removing your body hair, but warm waxing techniques are the most preferable.


Before you book your next waxing appointment, you need to do some preparations at first. Since wax contains artificial ingredients, you need to consult your dermatologist to see whether your skin can handle waxing. If you want to know how your skin will react to waxing, then carry out an allergy test at first. You need to inform your wax-performing esthetician about your skin sensitivities and allergies. This will help him to select the right type of wax that is suitable for your skin.

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