About Me

Hello, fellow waxers! I am Amy, and I love being clean down there! I think it is sexy, and it sends a message to your partner that “It’s clean, you can put your mouth on it.”

Just like you, I am just a regular working mom. I created this website to connect to fellow women who keep their love spot clean or those who are curious about having to wax their vajayjay! 

Now, let’s get one thing clear. I am not against those who do not wax. It’s just a matter of personal preference, really. Personally, going to the waxing salon for a bikini or Brazilian wax gives me confidence that I am sexy. Also, my man loves it very much as he can touch all of it without the layer of hair. 

My goal is to keep spreading the good things about having your happy flappy waxed. From great articles from me, my readers, and contributors to the videos that you will love! We also feature products that we have tried and provide you the details of our experience for your next purchase.

As long as I enjoy getting waxed, and there are women–and men who love to get the same pampering, I will continue to to improve this website for your viewing pleasure!