Men Never Grow Up. They Just Change Their Toys

Where women today dare to talk openly about all the devices they have in their bedside tables, as a man you sometimes get dirty when you start talking about a masturbator, for example. Very unfortunate, of course, but fortunately we see that sex toys for men have become more and more accepted lately. Rightly so for us, because there are nowadays enough hip and exciting toys and sex toys to find that you as a man can give new impulses to your sex life!

Best sex toys – the overview

The now enormous range of sex toys can be a bit overwhelming. In order to make your first experience with a male toy a success, we try to help you on your way. Especially for you we have put the 6 best sex toys for men on a list. We men also have our principles and of course do not just stop our penis in the first best man’s cunt. Make your (solo) sex life even better with an introduction to urethral play. The overview of sex toys that every man should have, use and reuse !

Fleshlight – the most used masturbator

The Flesh light, in case you are not familiar with the toy, is without a doubt the best selling male masturbation tool of the last years. A Fleshlight has on the outside the appearance of a flashlight and is therefore not recognizable as a sex toy. When you remove the cap, you will find penetrable sleeve molded to a vagina, anus or mouth. The Fleshlight Girls series is based on the openings of famous porn stars like Jenna Haze and Alexis Texas ! In addition, Fleshlight also thought about the homosexual men. Various male pornstars have made their mouths or anus available for the Fleshjack Boys series.

Almost real!

When you as a man want to get as close as possible to the feeling of real sex, a Fleshlight is the sextoy for you. The patented Real Feel Super Skin material feels lifelike and is easy to bring to body temperature with some warm water. The inside has a stimulating structure to stimulate the penis to the maximum. At the back of the toy is a cap that can be loosened or tightened. With this you have control over the suction power of the masturbator. By loosening the cap the air escapes and the inside of the masturbator feels looser. Pumps!

Cock ring

Before you ask viagra at your local pharmacy, you should always try a cock ring first ! You can slide a cock ring or penis ring around the base of the penis. Because the ring firmly encloses the penis, blood can be pumped to the penis, but it does not flow back with a firm and long lasting erection as a result. Men with erectile problems, but certainly also their partner, can enjoy sex more with the help of a cock ring

The best cock ring

A vibrating cock ring is a ring in order for the penis that vibrations issuing. These rings often consist of the ring itself and a vibrator, often a small model in the shape of a bullet. The vibrating penis ring is especially suitable for couples because this model also stimulates hair during penetration. This vibrating penis ring is also provided with studs to stimulate her (and you!) extra.

Prostate stimulator

After all that masturbation, our young gentleman is sometimes ready for some rest. A bit of variety can certainly be a godsend. Have you ever thought of a prostate massage? With a prostate stimulator you can easily massage your own prostate in a comfortable way. It lies between the anus and the scrotum and can be stimulated from the inside. A lot of different nerve endings come together in the anus. This makes the anus a very sensitive spot. When the anus is stimulated, it can be pretty exciting and lead to a sensational orgasm.

Best prostate stimulator

You can of course use your own fingers, but there are also special toys that stimulate the prostate. A prostate stimulator has a curved tip through which it can easily reach the prostate gland. Some toys also have an extra arm, which is placed on the perineum and stimulates the prostate from the outside. This curved prostate dildo also has a handy handle with which you have more than enough grip and control over the toy. The relatively small infeed depth of 10 cm is also very suitable for beginners in the field of prostate stimulation. In addition, it is also possible for a prostate vibrator to choose. When you vibrate these vibrators gently against your anus, it relaxes more quickly and makes the toy easier.

However, if you want a much more extreme toy for your cock, you can just opt for urethral sounds from Lust Plugs.

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