Using Sex Toys: How it affects couples life

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Despite their not very serious name, sex toys, in fact, are purely medical goods, and this, in turn, means that their choice must be approached with maximum attention and possessing certain knowledge especially meticulous need to pick up devices that are designed for insertion into the vagina or anus. Thus, it is impossible to come to the sex shop, contact the seller-consultant with the phrase: “Show me the best dildos that you have,” – take the first one you like and go home. Here you also need to consider where to hide sex toys.

Criteria of choice

Let’s consider the main criteria for choosing artificial phalluses, so that the acquisition does not turn out to be a disappointment for you or more serious consequences. Needless to say, these butt plugs must be erotic.

Dildo in packing and without Dildo sizes

Many girls believe that a big dildo is the real key to maximum pleasure. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. The size of this toy must match the degree of vaginal distension. So, for example, for a young girl who has just recently begun to have sex, buying an overly bulky dildo can end up with quite strong pain, and in some cases even trauma. Big dildos are a lot of women who have given birth and women who have had sex with men, whose genitals really had impressive dimensions. It is for these ladies and created dildos large sizes.

Realism of execution

Before buying a dildo, you need to think about which toy design suits you best. Some girls like realistic dildos that perfectly match the male penis for other representatives of the fair sex more suitable artificial phalluses, resembling the male sexual organ only remotely. The fact is that the overly frank look of a dildo-realistic confuses some girls, distracting them from sweet thoughts and fantasies.

The number of stimulants

There are both single dildos and double. The latter, as is clear from their names, have two phallus processes, one of which is designed to stimulate the vagina, and the other the anus. At the same time, for some girls, stimulation of the anus is unpleasant, and double dildos are completely unsuitable for them.

Choosing a sex toy that penetrates the body of the owner is a really responsible and not too easy task. Treat it with the utmost scrupulousness and in no case succumb to visual temptations, otherwise you will end up with a huge dildo for fisting, completely unsuitable for girls leading the classic image of intimate life. You may find it too extreme but sex toys don’t end up there. There’s this thing called penis plugs that’s picking women nowadays because of their extreme fetish.

Sex toy ideas, copying the penis, are quite comparable with the dimensions of the average penis. However, in the sex shops you can find dildos of large and sometimes huge sizes. In this case, the choice of impressive phalluses in almost all sex shops is more than wide.

Why do we need such impressive phalluses?

First of all, it should be noted that the giant sex toys are not suitable for all girls. Large dildos are designed for certain tasks, which we will discuss below. So, hygienic personal sex toys of impressive size are primarily needed for girls, whose vagina for some reason, is strongly stretched. Typically, this category includes the fair sex, having the experience of having children, or girls who have a very active sex life. It is for these women and designed large dildos capable of qualitatively stimulate the stretched vagina. In addition, there are lovers of thrills who are willing to try any sex toys just to experience new, unprecedented emotions.

Silicone Dildo

We seem to have sorted out with large phalluses, but we are faced with a new question: why do we need huge dildos whose dimensions do not fit into any framework at all? In fact, the answer is very simple. There is a very unusual practice called fisting. This game involves the introduction into the anus or vagina of objects with extremely large dimensions. In this case, the pleasure received by a woman is so unusual that fisting is most often attributed to BDSM. Classic fisting usually involves inserting the hands of her partner into the vagina or anus of the girl, but if the fair sex doesn’t have the second half, and you still want the thrill, then the best way out would be to buy an extra large dildo. Partner of this kind of dildo is chastity cage for porn addicts. A perfect combination because when the cock is in lock, dildo is then used.

Long double dildo

However, it should be repeated once again that fisting – entertainment is not for everyone and any violation of safety rules for this fun can lead to very serious injuries. Therefore, before you go to the sex shop for the giant dildo, you need to familiarize yourself with the relevant literature, chat with lovers of fisting on specialized forums, etc.

Large artificial phalluses and their giant brethren are not needed by everyone, but in some cases, with the help of these toys, you can get pleasure with which not even the most sensual sexual intercourse can match.

On the other hand, if you want the smooth and gentle type, just choose yoni eggs used in healing yoga.

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